Security problems will appear

Security is hard and flaws easily creep in. Be humble and prepared to act when (not if) such problems are reported. Also, be prepared that changes you thought nobody cared about or used will get some serious attention and get flamed badly once a security flaw is pointed out and gets handled by the public. This is not saying that you cannot have processes and develop code to be more secure than others. You can and you should.

We judge projects based on how they handle their security problems, not by their existence.

We never compare projects by counting published past security vulnerabilities. It does not work. A project having reported more issues might have had more scrutiny or just set the bar lower than the project with fewer.

"Your project is insecure"

Even when you do everything by the book and follow every best practice to the point on how to handle security problems; you fix the problems, you register CVEs and you disclose them responsibly with all details documented, you can be sure that parts of your audience will react badly.

They will think that because you published a security vulnerability, your project has a bigger problem of insecurity. As if not all actively developed projects get these problems, either open or proprietary.

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