Bug Bounty

If possible, consider offering a bug bounty for your project. They usually work so that security researchers who find and report security vulnerabilities in your project are rewarded. Preferably with real money.

By offering money to researchers, you will "buy their eyeball time" for a little while. Many of those will otherwise simply move on and rather spend their limited time and energy on other projects that do offer rewards.

The Paradox

By offering monetary rewards for finding security problems, you might find yourself in a situation where you pay for the finding but all the developers who are left to fix the problems are unpaid volunteers. You must be aware of and acknowledge this imbalance, as it may alienate contributors. Maybe you can find a way to combat it?

Still, in my experience from having worked with well over a hundred security flaws detected in my own Open Source projects, finding the problem is usually the tough part. Once the problem has been identified and brought into the light of day, actually fixing it is nine out of ten times a rather straight forward action.

Bounty yearning

There is a downside with bounties too. People will yearn for that monetary reward to an extent that will lead to more work for the project. People will run automatic scanners, send you the unedited output and claim they found security problems. Even if they all turn out to be false positives. They will take existing security flaws, look for a slightly different angles of the same things and report them as security problems. By offering money you (also) attract the ones who are after money rather than having a desire to address actual problems.

Beg Bounty

Even projects without a bug bounty system setup will occasionally receive requests or outright demands for monetary rewards anyway. Someone once used the lovely term beg bounty for this. Some users will also try the blackmail style of reporting to get what they want: "I found a problem that I will tell you about if you agree to pay me dollars".

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