This book is divided into eleven separate sections based on topic, in which I talk about a set of specific Open Source items, questions or concerns.

  1. Experience. Stories from half a dozen Open Source projects I have created or joined and spent a significant time and energy in.

  2. Start. Some words and advice about getting started with Open Source.

  3. People. I have learned something about working with humans after a while.

  4. Project. Lessons and insights about project specific things.

  5. Money. Conclusions about the monetary side of Open Source.

  6. Source. The code is certainly key in a project and there are clues for us there.

  7. Security. A really important area that we must never ignore.

  8. Maintainer. What is it and what does it take to be a project maintainer?

  9. Evolution. Let me take you on a little journey and show how Open Source has developed.

  10. Life. Can you be a successful Open Source maintainer and have a life at the same time?

  11. Emails. A collection of "interesting" questions and feedback that I received over the years.

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