Doing talks

Doing a presentation about your project in front an audience at a suitable conference can be an excellent way to share information about your project, its existence and purpose in this world. A chance for you to tell the story the way you want it presented and boast about the details you think deserve that extra highlight and emphasis.

Doing a good presentation in a language that probably is not your native tongue is not easy and takes a lot of practice to nail. Fortunately, there are lots of meetups and local communities in which you can submit talks and practice if you want to start out smaller – and in many of them you will be welcomed and cheered at when volunteering to present.

These days, you can even record your own talks and share directly online using video services. No need to wait for an invite or risk getting rejecting by applying to a conference's call-for-papers.

Doing talks is again a different way of communication that complements all those other means. Blog posts, emails and documentation certainly do their share of information sharing, but for some the audio-video channel of a talk is what makes the message land.

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