I will slaughter you

A small portion of the emails I receive are neither funny nor pleasant. They can even be direct threats of violence or death. This happens partly because curl and libcurl are also used by a fair share of bad guys.

Malicious persons and software that attack and exploit users can also use curl and subsequently, every now and then you can find traces of curl where it was used in setup where people were hurt, hacked or scammed.

Some victims of such attacks can find traces of curl, which again has my name in there somewhere and then they send their threats in my direction.

In early 2021 for example, I received an email with a subject line like this:

Subject: I will slaughter you

The email contained a series of screenshots with "proofs" of my alleged attack and in a following email chain the confused sender said things like:

I do not care. Your bullshit software was an attack vector that cost me a
multimillion dollar defense project.

Your bullshit software has been used to root me and multiple others. I lost
over $15k in prototyping alone from bullshit rooting to the charge

I have now since October been sandboxed because of your bullshit software so
dipshit google kids  could grift me trying to get out  of the sandbox
because they are too **** poor to know shat they are doing.

I of course had no idea what this person was talking about and I responded to him saying so. I ended up reporting this to the police where I live because I read it as a genuine threat.

Many months later, the person emailed me again and apologized.

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