Drift gamepad on PS5

The curl license and my email address is present and readable in several game consoles and in many games. As a result, I frequently get emails asking me about game related problems or services.

Fix the gamepad

Subject: Drift gamepad on PS5

In the updated version of the Ghost of Tsushima for the PlayStation 5
console, there was a problem, the control of the left stick is too
sensitive and therefore the character itself moves. Drift compensation
in game settings doesn't help.
Correct it if possible. Thanks.

Fallout 3

Subject: Fallout 3 problem

Game has been downloaded uninstalled, reinstalled and ran as both admin and
compatibly program. Nothing helps. Why keep selling this game if there is no
progress to fix?



i have a question i play on nintendo switch frof season 5 chapter 1 and i
got the fortnite switch and i didnt get the skin my switch was in a box
that layd in the fortnite pmart of the shop so can i get the skin plss

Unban request

I would like to put an unban request about my Battlegrounds Mobile India
account which has been recently banned for no reason. Please check the
account once again manually and kindly unban as soon as possible.

Possible bug

Subject: possible bug

Hi. I didn't find other way to contact with PoB developers, so writing
here – please redirect this letter to proper people.
I think i found bug
when i'm using nightblade support (with dual strike for example) while
having varunastra equipped (2 obviously), it doesn't add any crit multi
to my main skill while under elusive effect. (elusive checked at
Configuration) Supported Skills can only be used with Claws or
Daggers looks like nightblade don't recognize that my varunastra counts
as all weapon types i swapped varunastras for Rive claw for test, and
it's working flawlessly!

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