Health and life come first

Health is more important than Open Source. You need to take care of yourself and the ones in your vicinity that depend on you, prior to spending time on your project. We need to respect that sometimes a contributor vanishes from the project – sometimes without saying anything – because of health reasons. This includes both physical and mental health.

As a maintainer, people in the project might look up to you to lead and guide them in a slightly wider meaning than you want and have planned for, but you cannot duck for it. You might need to help a fellow contributor to move in the right direction.

You do not help an Open Source project by breaking yourself in the process of leading or contributing to the project. Make sure that your involvement is only to the level that makes you feel good and healthy. In most cases I would even say that you should only keep getting involved in the project as long as it brings you joy, if it still is fun.

You can help remind people every once in a while that it does not matter if we wait a little longer for that feature to get implemented or that bugfix to get done. Open Source is here for the long term. It will survive. It can wait. Someone else can help out.

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