I have Toyota Corola

Modern cars have fancy infotainment setups, big screens and all sorts of computers with networked functionality built-in. Part of that fanciness is increasingly often a curl install. curl is a part of several standard software offers for cars and is used in lots of other independent software installs as well.

This usually has a minuscule effect on my every day. I am of course thrilled over hundreds of millions of more curl installations in the world but the companies that ship curl for these vehicles normally do not contact me and curl is a really stable product so not a lot of them speak up on the issue trackers or mailing lists either (or if they do, they do not tell us where they come from or what they are working on).

The main effect is however that normal end users can find my email address in the curl license text in products in cars to a higher degree. They usually find it in the about window or an Open Source license listing or similar. Often I suspect my email address is just about the only address listed that the user can find.

Users with car problems can find my email in their cars. Guess if I get the occasional email about seemingly random car problems?

I need help with the GPS


I have toyota corola with multimedya system that you have its copyright.
I need a advice to know how to use the gps. Now i cant use or see maps.
And i want to know how to add hebrew leng.

New POIs


I am using in a new Ford Mondeo the navigation system with SD Card
FM5T-19H449-FC Europe F4. I can read the card but  not write on it. I
want to add to the card some POI´s. Can you help me to do it?

Bluetooth delay

Hello sir

I have Avalon 2016. Regarding the audio player, why there delay between
audio and video when connect throw Bluetooth and how to fix it.

Update software

Daniel -

I recently purchased a 2009 BMW Z4. The iDrive software indicates
“Copyright (c) 1996-2010, Daniel Stenberg). I’ve purchased a video
interface that allows me to add a backup camera. However, the interface
requires that I update the iDrive software to the latest version from
BMW. However, there is no software update function within the current
iDrive menu. Is there a way to revert the iDrive to the original or
current software?
I bought a 2015 Ford Focus car, and would like to do a navigation update

Opel Insignia

Dear Daniel Stenberg!
My name is ****** ****** from Hungary. I write to you, because I have a
problem with my cars Infotainment system, and I found your name in the
vehicle instruction manual. I've bought a brand new Opel Insignia Sports
Tourer in December 2018, from an official Opel dealer in Hungary.
Unfortunately, with in a week, a problem has come up with the Infotainment
System, which is the newest Multimedia Navi Pro system:
The WI-FI Networks menu point has grayed out (I can't open it), after I
activated the OnStar services. Later I asked the OnStar serice center to
switch it off but nothing has changed. I want to emphasise that during the
first few days, after I took the car from the dealer, it was working well,
and I could open properly this menu point, and since activating the OnStar
system it has gone wrong. What could be the problem, and why I can't reach
this WI-FI networks menu point?

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